++*B Longman's Serenade's Baron
Family Photos

++*B Longman's Serenade's  Baron - Born April 2000

LA 5-02 EX92 EEE
Sire:  ++B Little Bic's Sheena's Hero 
Dam: GCH 13*M Longman's Cindy Serenade
(++*B Kastdemur's Romeo (HES 4-01 EX90.8) x 12*M Longman's TM Tina's Cindy (HES 2-03 EX 91.15) - (92m 88dc 95bc 91ga).  
On 1-Day Milk Tests, Serenade scored 22.8 as a 2 yr. old and 30.4 as a 4 yr. old with 16.6 lbs. of milk at 4.0% BFat.  Shown 16 times: 16x1st, 3xGCH, 3xRGCH, and 10xBOB, 5xBIS.  
Baron was sold at 2 weeks old and returned to our herd in Aug. 2002.  We have retained a large group of his lovely daughters!   His twin sister, Selena, became a Permanent Champion at 3 yrs. old! 


GCH 13*M Longman's Cindy Serenade 
(As a 4 yr. old, 30.4 on a 1-Day Milk Test)
(Shown 16X in 3 yrs: 16X1st, 3XGCH,
Dam of Baron


GCH 14*M Longman's H Selena
(As a 3 yr. old, 24.7 on a 1-Day Milk Test)
Littermate of Baron

12*M Longman's TM Tina's Cindy
(HES 2-03 EX91.15 92M 88DC 95BC 91GA -
As a 2 yr. old, 20.0 points on a 1-Day Milk Test) 
Dam of Serenade


11*M Longman's Playboy's Tina (1XGCH, 1XBOB,
2XRGCH, HES 4-03 EX91.30  91M 91DC 
94BC 91GA - AR 3-10 314 2273 116)
Dam of Cindy


10*M Longman's Chief's Tinker
(HES 5-05 EX91.75 93M 94DC 89BC 90GA -
LA 5-06 EX90 EVEE - AR 2-01 310 2810 153)
Dam of Tina


++*B Longman's Nicole's Chief
( HES 5-05 EX93.05 EEE - LA 5-06 EX92 EEE)
Sire of Tinker


GCH 3*M Longman's Nicole's Nadine
(3rd generation TOP TEN with record of 
3-01 299 3780 162, made while being shown)
Littermate of Nicole's Chief and 
Dam of Playboy, who is the Sire of Tina


2*M Longman's Nina Nicole
(CL 3-04 EX92 EEEE - 2nd generation TOP TEN 
twice with records of 3-01 301 4130 174 and
5-01 267 3460 174 - her dam, daughter of 
GCH++B Longman's Barnaby Buck, was also
TOP TEN with record of 3-10 287 3640 162)
 Dam of Nicole's Chief and Nadine


+B Little-Bic's Sheena's Hero
Sire of Baron

+*B Longman's Serenade's Salute
Maternal Brother of Baron


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